Thursday, April 7, 2016

Burdock the Bold

For much of the winter, I noticed that Burdock did not like getting his paws snowy, and he tended to be reluctant to come out of his den if there was fresh snow. Yet on April 3, when wintry weather returned, I spent a lonely evening in the cold wind waiting for Little Fuzzy, Dangerous Dan, and Big East to come out of their dens. After twenty minutes, little Burdock came bustling down a trail from the woods to the south. He climbed up on my lap and ate some biscuits, and then, all business, climbed back down and hiked up the steep trail, up and over the ledges and returned to the forest. Though I waited another hour, the other porcupines remained hunkered in their dens. Hurray for Burdock of the north!

When we got snow a couple of days later, again, Burdock was out in it to greet me. He is now clearly comfortable moving in snow:
Here is the video from a February snowstorm. I lured him out of his den, but he would go no farther:

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