Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thistle's nightly visit

While I was feeding Sylvia at 8 pm, Thistle arrived at the enclosure. He was very interested in Sylvia and snuffled and hummed pleasant greetings. She ignored him. He had a couple of small quills stuck in his nose, which I managed to pull out—evidence that he has been interacting with the neighborhood porcupines.  He came up from the woods to the west, and when I went up to the house, he came too, but by his own route through thick vegetation. He drank his milk and waddled off.

Got milk?

Saturday, September 24, 2016


On September 18, I drove to Springfield to pick up a porcupine who had been hit by a car.
The poor porcupine survived the first night, and managed to sit up the next day. She has been recovering steadily over the past week, but needs help eating because one of her front legs is injured. She is a very trusting creature.
Sylvia eating some apple