Saturday, November 19, 2016

Beavers in the snow

Cold, blustery night, and a change of season. The aged beaver Willow (right) and her young beau enjoy a Thanksgiving Week feast.
From their pond I continue over the ridge to Jenny Lake, where I find. . .
Willow's daughter Dew and the kit. I stay for a picnic, bundled up against blustery wind and blowing snow. A mouse that has taken up residence in the beavers' lodge comes out to sample sunflower seeds.
Charlie, the kit.

Charlie ashore!

I have had a hard time photographing the new kit. I always get to the pond after dark, and Charlie is a skittish little thing (which is good), so he doesn't come ashore near me, and always dunks back into the lodge as soon as he grabs an apple. On my last two visits though, he has floated just at the shoreline when I arrived, and clearly anticipated apples as I unpacked. Tonight he finally came ashore to grab an apple. Very cute. You can read his whole story here.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Beaver Deceiver in action!

I joined Skip Lisle today to protect the overflow pipe on Patricia Greenwood's backyard pond. Skip did some amazing problem solving, installing a flow device in deep water so that Splash the beaver can remain in his new home and finish preparing for winter.

Beaver kit squeaks

The very late-in-the year beaver kit, comes out at dusk and talks with her mother, Dew, who is eating an apple. Read the story of Dew and her kit here.