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As a rehabilitator, many of my relationships with wildlife are with orphans. My license is for mammals, and only for those not listed as rabies vectors in Vermont (raccoons, foxes, bats, skunks, and woodchucks). Most of the animals that end up in my care are the species that live in closest proximity to humans—squirrels, rabbits, and opossums. Most of these have been orphaned because of  human activities. On this page you will find photos and stories from a few of the animals I have worked with since the late summer of 2015 (Burdock the porcupine has his own page).

August 20: First of the late summer squirrels arrive. These three are very dehydrated and malnourished, one had been under siege by flies. The lovely people who brought them to me found a dead baby too. These are my first black squirrels. The litter was two black and two gray.

September 15: Late summer squirrels are all doing fine, and number five grays and two reds. They are all exceptionally frolicsome and affectionate. Soon they will be grown, move out into the trees and will want nothing to do with me.

October 30: The two black squirrels and two gray squirrels went to Townshend to be released in a wonderful oak forest under the supervision of my apprentice Judy. Mikie, a little red squirrel, and Julia, a gray, have just been released. You can read about these two here:

Mikie and Julia take to the trees in which I tell the story of two hard-luck squirrels who find each other.

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