Monday, February 1, 2016

A Beaver resupply mission on the first of February

This afternoon, Margaretta and Isabelle arrived to help the stranded beavers with an offering of poplar boughs from their home in Dummerston. The weather on this first of February is  most unseasonably warm, with temperatures in the high 40°s threatening our skimpy snowcover and melting the ice on the stream.
Heading out with Margaretta's offering

Across the second bridge and into the hemlock forest
On the shores of the former pond

Once at the pond, I call to Willow and then we all sit quietly on the upside-down sled hoping that Willow won't think it too early to come out to visit. No need for an axe today, there are a few beaver-sized openings in the ice. After a few minutes, David, the lucky dad of these two great girls, spots Willow hauling herself onto the ice at one of the upstream holes.
Willow on February 1

Thank you Isabelle and Margaretta!

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  1. I love that you have helpers in your important work watching over beavers!