Friday, February 5, 2016

Burdock moves again

Burdock at the door of his new den
Fresh snow today! I set out in the late afternoon to check on Burdock and the other porcupines. When I arrived at the High Scenic dens, I saw porcupine tracks leading to a den that had been vacant on previous visits this winter. When I sat down by the entrance, I heard Burdock greeting me from inside. This den is more smaller than the one I found him in last night, but has been in regular use by porcupines for years, so I assume it offers better shelter.

Burdock has a biscuit
While Burdock nibbled on biscuits, I went to leave a few acorns at the doorways of the other two occupied dens in this complex. When I scrambled back down to Burdock's new apartment, he came out the upper exit. I was dismayed to see that he still doesn't like walking on snow. I can only assume that he will figure it out eventually, and will become as adept a snow traveler as Fretful.

I left Burdock and went on to check on a few other den sites. The only other porcupine I found at home was Dangerous Dan at the Porcupines' Club. I didn't plan to stay, but only to offer an apple and a few acorns, an offering I hope will make up up for dropping by unannounced. When I pack up to go, I hear him chattering his teeth, a sound I find porcupines often make as a warning when they are preparing to move. Sure enough, when I shone my headlamp into his nook, I found he had turned to face me. I decided to sit for a few minutes to see what he would do. Within a few minutes, he had wandered out into the antechamber where I had left the apple. The apple was large, and porcupines are slow eaters. I got cold before he finished. I got up and clambered out of the cave, right past the contentedly munching porcupine.
Dangerous Dan eats an apple

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