Thursday, February 4, 2016

Burdock evicted?

Dangerous Dan ignoring me
When I stopped by The Porcupines' Club to visit Burdock Tuesday evening, no one was in. I hoped that Burdock was up in a tree near the other two porcupines, eating the sorts of things porcupines are supposed to eat. On Wednesday, however, when I stopped by the Club to see if anyone was in, Dangerous Dan was down in the nook most recently occupied by Burdock, and the black porcupine was leaving by the second floor exit.

The day had been miserably warm and rainy, a good day for porcupines to be holed up. Where was Burdock? The hillside snow was reduced to a mix of solid snow and ice. I am just as glad that not even the porcupines were out to witness my undignified approach across the steep, slick slope. 

Tonight, Thursday, I set off again, this time wearing a very fancy set of jury-rigged ice grippers on my boots, hoping to visit several local dens in my quest for Burdock. Dan and the black porcupine were both napping in The Club, and both pretended to ignore me. I left them apples and acorns and climbed up to the N1 dens, where I found no porcupines, but did notice that the sunset display was especially fine.

I found no sign of porcupines at 2N, but at High scenic I found a porcupine at home in the uppermost den. She acted like the  2014/15 resident. The sunset had peaked at this point and was beginning to fade. Feeling discouraged and worried about Burdock, I resolved to look for him farther afield tomorrow. The easiest descent from High Scenic led to the south end of the ledges, a place where I had seen a porcupine denned up once, so I thought I might as well just check. . . I climbed up to peek in, and heard the humming greeting of a hungry little porcupine. Burdock!

The Burd was alone in this spacious den. Did he leave The Club out of a desire to explore, or did the two adults finally tired of his bossy behavior and evict him?

It is now dark.Burdock he climbs up on my lap to eat his biscuits. My lantern flashlight creates a fire-like ambiance in the little cave. When the biscuits are done, there is time for some play.

As I set off for home, I see Burdock perched on his deck. Where will I find him next?

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  1. I enjoy your writings and what you are doing tremendously. thank you so much for keeping us close the nature.