Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beavers in Trouble, March 6

Expecting to find ice out at Jenny Lake, I hike up at dusk to see if I know the beavers living there. This pond is at the headwaters of a small tributary of the main brook, and while beavers have occupied this pond for the past two winters, I have yet to see if any of Willow's dispersed youngsters are in residence there. When I arrive, I am surprised to find this little pond still completely covered in ice. I walk around and see no sign that beavers have been able to get out from beneath the ice.
The food cache is over next to the dam, and I hear beaver noises coming from that area. I find that the beavers have been so desperate to get out that they have chewed holes through the dam. They must be hungry!
Note the chewed off timbers in the dam.
I see that the beaver noise I heard was from the beaver chewing a hole through the ice.
Beaver has managed to reopen a small hole in this refrozen area.
I break the ice, leave a couple of apples, and plan to return tomorrow with a saw to cut saplings to feed them.

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