Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Burdock and Dangerous Dan cont. . . Feb 26

I set out at dusk, hoping to catch the porcupines before they set out on their nocturnal ramblings. As I worked my way across the ice covered hillsides, I could hear porcupine complaint squeals coming from the vicinity of the High Scenic dens. When I arrived, I heard the whining and crunching of a porcupine heading up the hill toward the dens.

Burdock came up over a rise, turned around and squealed. Dangerous Dan came right up behind him, and passed him, heading up a trail away from me. I called to Burdock and settled into the  cave where Burdock and Dan often sleep. Soon Burdock was on my lap and enjoying a snack.
Dan arrives

I was not surprised when, several minutes later, Dangerous Dan clambers up to the cave and wanders in.

Dan enjoys apples and acorns while Burdock complains halfheartedly.

I spend an hour with the two porcupines. When Burdock finishes his biscuits, he wants to play and I indulge him.
And finally, a momentous event! Burdock eats his first acorns!

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