Sunday, March 20, 2016

Burdock behaves rudely on March 20

Burdock and I enjoy a picnic on a high rock in the middle of the High Scenic den complex. He is feeling social and silly today.

I see only one other porcupine, or rather, the rear end of one, that has been in the same den every day for the past week.

On this day, however, just before sunset, the occupant emerges, and to my surprise is very interested in getting up onto the rock where Burdock and I are. This porcupine is the same size as Burdock, so likely also a juvenile. To my surprise, Burdock does not tolerate the approach of this youngster, but intimidates her (I do not know the sex of these porcupines, but this one looks feminine) into going back into her den by approaching her and squealing. I think what may be unusual about this encounter is that she actually retreats when he does this. Usually a porcupine will hold its ground and return insults.

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