Friday, March 25, 2016

Introducing, Little Fuzzy, March 25

Burdock crawled out of a new cave this afternoon, and sat there like a little Buddha chattering his teeth for quite a while. At last he started humming and wandered down to greet me.

He settled down for a snack on this clear-sky day.

Inspired by Burdock and the sunshine, Little Fuzzy, the young porcupine Burdock chased away on my last visit, emerges from her den nearby. 

She has become quite bold already, and is very happy to discover an acorn:
When she finishes, she comes over for a closer look at the strange animal that has been visiting so often.
Notice her long white guard hairs. She also has a distinctive long nose.

Burdock, Little Fuzzy and I enjoy the golden sunset, and so does the red-backed vole.
 Look at the apple-handling equipment here:
When the sun drops, so does the temperature, and as I pack up to head home, Dangerous Dan arrives, so I stay a little longer.

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