Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dangerous Dan Hums, March 3

I climbed up to visit the porcupines at dusk. I found Burdock in one of the lower rubble dens at High Scenic. He climbed up onto my lap and began noisily crunching biscuits. I soon heard the rustling of leaves as another porcupine approached from the woods. Just before it came into view, I heard the humming noise that is a porcupine's friendly greeting! Dangerous Dan is greeting me?! While Burdock and Dandelion, my orphaned porcupines, greet me in this way, I have not heard this noise from an adult porcupine since the reign of Fretful!  Looking at the color of Dan's quills, the obvious finally strikes me—Dangerous Dan could easily be a descendant of Fretful's, possibly even his son.

Dan after his humming arrival, Burdock on my lap. Note the brown on Dan's quills, Fretful's color!

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